Packaging Consulting Services excels in package/product idealization, focus group analysis, material/component sourcing, and innovative product/marketing strategy. We have experience in innovative product and package design/development, distribution protection, and material cost savings. We have recently entered into strategic alliances allowing for the global sourcing of packaging materials and molded components.


Packaging Consulting Services, Inc. consists of a professional engineering and marketing network. Our base extends into the chemical, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, medical device, food, sporting goods, software, publishing, and other consumer products industries.


Packaging Consulting Services, Inc. can assist your company in expanding current products into new markets, launching innovative new products, and acquiring/placing intellectual property.

Packaging Consulting Services, Inc. brings the power of creativity and innovation to your business.

Through our global network of accomplished professionals, we can meet your needs for business/marketing strategy, new product development, competitor analysis, and material sourcing.

Packaging Consulting Services is driven to see beyond the “what is” and develops the “what might be” products and packages for your company’s future.

Packaging Consulting Services, Inc.:

  • meets your company’s comprehensive packaging and product needs with our unique variety of services
  • helps your company succeed by developing and implementing innovative packaging strategies
  • helps you meet your growth objectives and improve your competitive position through the latest packaging and product technology
  • initiates dialog and negotiations for intellectual property acquisitions
  • works as an integral member of your new product and business teams
  • addresses your immediate packaging and business concerns by providing short-term professional manpower
  • understands your consumers’ evolving sophistication